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Crossplatform Tensorflow Lite

21 Apr 2021
A video series about developing a crossplatform TensorFlow Lite solution using tflite C API (work in progress)

Auto-sizing element to fit inside flexbox

13 Mar 2021
How to fit an image into a single flexbox column, making it to shrink/expand as needed.

Understanding the OpenGL triangle

23 Jan 2021
Let's try to understand the OpenGL triangle - aka OpenGL Hello World! We will use WebGL for simplicity, but the principles are quite sim...

Generating Self-Signed SSL certificates for development

13 Dec 2020
Howto: generate multi-domain self-signed certificates (and use with nginx)

Debuggin OpenCV Mat in XCode

22 Oct 2020
Did you know you can easily visualize OpenCV Mat when debugging in xcode?

Using fields from updated document in MongoDB

22 Oct 2020
Sometimes you want to update document(s) on MongoDB using fields from the updated document, this is how to do it.

Setup WSL for development

07 Jul 2020
Whenever I spin up a new WSL instance there is a set of packages I like to install to prepare the machine to be used for dev. This is the li...

Installing multiple WSL distros

31 May 2020
Summary on installing multiple WSL distributions side-by-side.

Converting to TensorFlow Lite models

07 May 2020
Notes on converting object detection model (ssd), and image segmentation model (Deeplab) to tflite

Cross Platform Object Detection with TensorFlow Lite - Part III

26 Apr 2020
In this post we will develop the Android and iOS apps that will use our native Object Detector.